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Club Newsletter

In November 11,2017, there was a clean up at the range. This was getting the range ready for our Anual Thurday Shoot, which was on November 18th and 19th. For some unknown reason, the people who were at the range that day was the Board Members and about 5 Members. These people range in age from 50 to 76 years. We can never get the younger Membes at the range. The Board does not ask for much, but we have decided that starting in January 2018, we will adding $25.00 extra to you Membership to obtain a person who will do the weeds and keep the range looking nice. I know that I ask you to clean up after you shoot, which is good, but we need the whole range kept clean. If there is a problem with this extra fee, come to a General Meeting and voice you opinion.

I guess some people do not want to follow the rules of the range, which was set down by the Memberrs who attend the Generral Meetings. You are ONLY allowed two (2) people on the range regardless if they are shooting or just watching. This has to do with the insurance that we carry on the range. If something were to happen to you or your guest, then the insurance would have to pay. Another problem we are having is that people are ONLY signing in two guest, when in fact they have four and only pay for the two. If by some chance you get caught doing this, then we will take your keys and you MUST come to a Board Meeting to explain your case. We have rules for a reason and one is SAFETY. Please also pay for your Guests, which some people are not doing.

Some of the Members and their Guests are not wearing the Membership and Guests cards. This is a MUST so that other Members know you are a Member in good standing and who your Guests are.

Some Members are asking about the purchase of the range. At one time, the owner wanted one million dollars for 140 acres. Since they now want to sell the property because the owner is getting up in age. She has decided to sell the 140 acres for $165,000.00. Alan Hyde, Business Manger, has been in contact with the owner to get things started. He believes that we can do this, but we just might come up short with the down payment. If you would like to help with a donation, regardless of the amount, please coontact Alan at 1-760-900-1234. If he is not home, leave him a message and he will get back to you. We do not want to loose the range, because it would affect law enforcement contacts and John and Larry's business which brings in extra money. Remember if you do donate miney, you can not take it off your taxes. Alan has been trying to change our codes, but you know how IRS is, really slow.

Mark your calendars for the Annual Dinner for April 14, 2018 at the Elks Lodge in Hesperia. The firearm this year is a Rockisland 1911 A1 45 caliber semi-auto. Remember, you MUST be present to win the firearm. You will have to pay the sales tax and the DROS fees. If things go well, the reserrvation should go out in February. If you order gun tickets threw the reservation, you can pick the tickets up at the door. Hope to see you there.

We have noticed that some Members are on the range after the sun has set, like darkness. There is NO night shooting allowed on the range. If by some chance you are caught by the Sheriff's Department, the could arrest you for trespassing. When the sun starts to go down, then pack up your equipment and leave the range. If you do not want to follow the rules, then you will no longer be a Member of the Club.

That is all I have at this time. Your Club Secretary, LINDA