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Club Officers

The West Victor Valley Shooting Club Officers are elected at the annual April Dinner by popular vote from the General Membership. The term of office is 2 years. Here is this term's officers and a little biographical sketch about each.

Board of Directors

Our President

Fred Spiller - Club President

Fred Spiller

Our Vice President

Terry Webb - Vice President

Terry Webb
     A long time ago I was born and raised in the Ozarks where guns were a necessity to put food on the table. As a result, I have been shooting my entire life.
     I have been an NRA member for nearly 50 years and believe everyone who owns a gun and enjoys the freedom we have in America should support the NRA. Additionally, I belong to the California Rifle and Pistol Association and the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association where I am a Certified Black Powder Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun Instructor. While I enjoy all aspects of shooting, Black Powder is my favorite.
     If you have any brilliant ideas, suggestions or complaints regarding the WVVSC please send me an email. We belong to an outstanding Club made up of some of the best people I have ever had the honor to call friends. Be safe, have fun and support the WVVSC.

Our Secretary

Linda Lee Chevalier - Club Secretary

Linda Lee Chevalier
(760) 247-3951
     I joined the gun club in May of 1996. I was elected to the Board in June of 1997 and I have been the Secretary every since. I am now the oldest setting Board Member. When I first became part of the Club, I did not know one thing about firearms well alone the shooting aspects. It was decided that the club needed two N.R.A. Instructors, because some Instructors were no longer in the Club. My husband, who is also the Sergeant-At-Arms, thought that it would be a good idea to have a woman as an Instructor. I took the classes and I became an N.R.A. Instructor in pistol, rifle, shotgun and Home Safety. I then decided to become a Firearm Safety Instructor for the Department of Justice for the State of CA. As you can see I have became a woman that really got into the sport of firearms and the shooting aspects. I am also the Junior Instructor.

     I am a strong supporter of the second amendment and I am the N.R.A. Recruiter for the Club.

     I am now the Senior Junior Instructor with Johnny Sanchez (Jr.) as my assistant. I strongly believe in children learning about firearms, knowing the safety aspects and just what a firearm can do if not handled properly. I also strongly believe in women knowing how to shoot and I do not like it when someone will say that they are afraid of a firearm, but they have never fired a firearm in their life.

     My biggest thing is safety. Safety on the range and safety when off the range. If you are at the range and I see you doing something that I think is unsafe, I will tell you. Please don't take offense to this, because most people who know me know that I am a very outspoken person, regardless of who you are.

     I really enjoy being in this club and, of course, all of our fine members. There are a few people who need a little more training, but that will come in time and persistent reminders. For all of you who know me, you know I am persistent, only because I want to ensure our members and club stays safe!

     I will see you at the range!

Our Treasurer

Alan Hyde - Cub Treasurer

Alan Hyde

     First, let me thank the members of the West Victor Valley Shooting Club for allowing me to represent this great organization while serving as Treasurer. I have been out of the shooting sports for a few years, but now have decided that it is time to begin again. While I have been a trap shooter for many years, other shooting sports were not my game. However, recently I have begun to take interest in the variety of shooting sports available to those of us who live in the high desert and surrounding areas.
     This club represents an excellent cross section of shooting sports. Pistol, rifle, shotgun, black powder, or smokeless, they all are welcomed at this club - a highly unusual format that grows on you quickly. So, as both a new member, and the new treasurer for 2013-2014, I encourage everyone to come out and shoot.
     I do have many years of shooting experience with pistols, as well as, shotguns as they were part of my working career. Retired from full time work in 2007, I now work part time in the community college system and maintain a small tax practice. This keeps me sane and out of the rocking chair, plus it adds a few dollars for ammunition and new guns.
     I am a Life Member for the NRA (Endowment) having joined in March of 1968 and became an endowment member in December of 2010.
     Once again, thanks to all who invited me to join the club, and join the board too! I look forward to seeing many new faces and name tags in the coming months. Please come over and say hello to me, Alan Hyde, so I can get to know everyone.

Our Range Director

Larry Marts - Range Director

Larry Marts
(760) 243-8095
     After two terms as VP here at WVVSC I have the honor of being elected as Range Director. I hope to bring some new and exciting shooting events to our weekly Sunday morning shoots plus getting started on improvement projects to our range.
     As most of you know I started the 5th Sunday Black Powder Shoots then expanding them to a monthly event on the 2nd Saturday.
     I currently hold both NRA and National Muzzleloader Rifle Association Instructors credentials for rifle, pistol and shotgun, NRA Range Safety Officer. I have over forty years experience shooting black powder and hope to pass this fun sport onto anyone who would like to learn it.
     At this time, I would like to ask for help keeping our sport safe whenever handling guns at home and the range.

Thank you
Larry Marts

Our Sergeant-At-Arms

John Chevalier - Club Range Director

John Chevalier
(760) 247-3951
     I am a former Marine. I joined the club in May of 1996, became the Range Director in June of 1998 and I have been the Director up until this year when I changed jobs. I am a Certified NRA Instructor in Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun and Home Safety as well as an Instructor for the Department of Justice State of CA. Firearms Safety. In addition to my WVVSC duties and responsibilities, I also train Security Officer, for their Guard Card, Pepper Spray and Firearms Qualifications. For more information about Guard Training, call me.

     I work in close harmony with my wife, Linda Lee, to support the range goals and ideas as well as promoting range safety. It is very important that we observe all safety measures for the protection of all and the continued operations of the range. Failure of personnel observing range safety protocols will eventually result in someone getting hurt and we want to avoid that.

     I look forward to seeing you at the range. Remember, safety first to enjoy the sport.