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Range Protocol

     West Victor Valley Shooting Club prides itself on its' long record of accident-free events and each member should be proud of their contribution to this record.

     This page serves as a guide to current members as well as potential members regarding the firing line protocol utilized at the range. Familiarization with these contents will help reduce any "newbie" anxiety and also act as a reminder for those who are not fortunate enough to visit the range on a regular basis.

     We use a set of common sense commands on the firing line of the range. Here are the basic commands used at the majority of ranges and their meaning.

     Note: If you have a problem on the firing line at any time, keep the weapon pointed downrange and raise your hand! Someone will help you.

West Victor Valley Shootig Club firing line

NRA Gun Safety Rules
     Cease Fire: Clear your firearm. Remove magazines and open the action of your weapon to the locked open position. Place the unloaded weapon on the firing mat in front of you and step to the rear of the red (firing) line.

     The Range is Clear: You may now go down range to check or put up your targets. When everybody returns from down range and is accounted for the next command will be the command to take your place at your station. Stay behind the firing line until the next command is given.

     Eyes and Ears: This command is to make sure that all shooters are properly equipped with the proper eye safety and hearing protection equipment. You MUST have safety glasses or goggles and hearing protection to be down on or near the firing line.

     Range is Hot:

     This is the general sequence of commands and what you can expect. As always, if you are not sure, make sure you ask questions. There are people there just waiting to help you enjoy your time at the range. Do not feel bashful or ashamed to ask for help. Like your teacher said, "The only stupid question is the question you don't ask." We agree with your teacher.