Desert Range Properties Information.

Background and News

In January of 2019, several staunch Second Amendment supporters formed a partnership with the intent of protecting the West Victor Valley Shooting Club and the 2nd Amendment rights of it's members.  With the help of Business Manager Alan Hyde, the established the formal partnership and entered into an agreement with the property owners to purchase the parcels owned by the landlord.  After negotiations were finalized and the agreement to purchase was completed, escrow was opened and the acquisition took place.

In addition to the property on which the range resides, the partnership was able to also acquire the surrounding  parcels (one to the south and two to the west of the range site) which ensures that a safety margin exists behind the range, and that the range can expand to the south to provide more facilities and activities in the future.

Desert Range Properties has already begun to plan for enhancements to the range and will be actively seeking funding for upgrades.  Keep watching for the latest news announcing changes to the range.

Learn More

Anyone interested in  advertising with Desert Range Properties is encouraged to call the Business Manager Alan Hyde at 760-900-1234 for availability.

Individuals or organizations wishing to donate to help the shooting club should call the club information line and speak to one of the board members.

The West Victor Valley Shooting Club is a 501 (c)(7) IRS classified business and donations are not deductible for income tax purposes.  Advertising fees are deductible to the extent of current tax law.