Federal Court Rules on Background Checks

On April 23 a federal judge in San Diego enjoined California from mandating background checks for ammunition purchases.  The preliminary injunction removes the requirement for a background check of anyone who wants to purchase ammunition.

Unfortunately, the 9th Circuit has put a hold on that injunction, and we are back to the background check rules.  Let's hope the 9th Circuit finally get's it's head on straight and rules in favor of the Constitution.

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Annual Dinner Postponed

 The board members have decided that our annual dinner scheduled for April 18, 2020 should be postponed indefinitely due to the Coronavirus.  Watch this website for further details and updates regarding the dinner. 


In compliance with the governors executive orders, the range is closed for organized events.  Individual members may use the facilities if they follow the governmental requirements, i.e. social distancing and wearing masks.


The range - main site

The range looks pretty clean - let's keep it that way - pick up any trash you see that has blown in.



Range Property

Main Range Parcel

This is the main parcel purchased by Desert Range Properties in 2019.  The small area in the upper right corner of the red box is the existing range.  As you can see there is a lot of space available for expansion.

Club Information

Range Facilites

Services Offered

Range Facilites


There are 25 ft - 50 ft - 25 yd - 50 yd -and 100 yd range distances available.

Club Events

Services Offered

Range Facilites


There is a  shooting event every Sunday morning for all members and their guests.

On the first & third SATURDAYS, there is a JUNIOR

SHOOT from 9 AM to 11 AM.

On the second SATURDAY, there is a  BLACK POWDER - MUZZLE LOADING -


See the calendar.

Services Offered

Services Offered

Days Open To The Public


NRA certified Range  Masters are available for instruction for all classes of shooting.

Days Open To The Public

Days Open To The Public

Days Open To The Public


Check the calendar page or call the information line to days and times that the range will be open to the public (non-members).  There will be range officials on site to assist shooters and provide membership information.

The Big News!

Days Open To The Public

The Big News!


The range property has been sold to a Second Amendment supporting partnership.  Click below to see the details.


Days Open To The Public

The Big News!


Did you know?

The West Victor Valley Shooting Club is one of only three established ranges in the entire Victor Valley.

There are memberships available, but the total membership is limited.  Act now to secure your place in this growing range facility.  See the membership information page.

About Us: We are a member club for shooting sports.

Weapons Allowed at range

Pistol - all calibers.  Including Black Powder pistols (Cap and flintlock)

Rifles - all calibers allowed up to .50 cal.

Black powder - all calibers. 

Shotgun - all gauges accepted for practice and events (clays and ATA type)

Mechanical hand launchers and automatic trap machine are used for events.